Welcome – I’m glad you found us. Have you ever dreamed of a clutter free home or a tidy well organised office? Imagine the joy of being able to find things easily, saving you time and stress.

At Summerbell Services we are here to offer you support and guidance to restore clarity and calm. We’re based in Chobham, Surrey and we currently cover a 20 mile radius to surrounding areas in Berkshire and Hampshire, however we’re willing to travel further depending on what’s needed.

We’ve helped many people take that first step to make a start on tackling the clearing, sorting, reorganising and discarding of their clutter. The process does become infectious and you will start to feel inspired as we gently work on the area or areas that you need help with.

We work with the highest level of integrity, are non-judgmental, have a strict code of confidentiality and are client driven. It’s your home or office, your stuff, your life and all decisions will be made by you (unless you need a little nudge here or there we will oblige). We will also share our tips and tricks with you along the way!